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Ata bag Black, Nordic Breeze


Restelager - Halv pris så lenge lageret holder - nydelige håndlagde vesker fra Bali

Ata bag Black, Nordic Breeze

Vi lar denne beskrivelsen fra produsenten tale for seg:

The manufacture of our small rattan bags Bali  
The little rattan bag is the it-bag of the summer that all the trendy girls show on their arm.
But did you know that before becoming a trendy bag, the bag is ata from a single traditional Balinese craftsmanship.
So how are manufactured our small round rattan bags Bali?

These cute little round bags are handmade with passion and love in Bali. They are made from Ata stems (similar to rattan) found in a forest located east of the island of Bali. This plant is very resistant to moisture and very durable in time.

  • The ata stem is divided into 4 parts and braided in multiple ways to create unique patterns.
  • Once woven, they are dried in the sun for several days.
  • Then they are smoked on coconut shells, which gives them not only their beautiful golden natural color but also a great resistance and a pleasant smoky perfume.
  • The handle and the leather closure are then added.  

The inside of each bag is lined with a traditional Bali batik fabric.

Indonesian batik has been inscribed by UNESCO on the list of the cultural and intangible heritage of humanity.
Each pattern is different in terms of colors or designs giving each model a unique character.

It is very important for us to show you all the steps of the manufacture of our bags so that you can realize the work, patience and know-how of our craftsmen. Entire families and entire villages contribute to the manufacture of these bags which are now exported worldwide. What a great reward to see this!

So now you know, every Nordic Breeze bag you wear is a real little Balinese treasure to keep preciously...

Størrelsen kan variere litt - Høyde: ca 20 cm, Tykkelse: ca 8 cm

Nordic Breeze Interior

Nordic Breeze Interior

A digital nomad based creator who´s address is the world, powered by leading Scandinavian design companies.

I do interior design and scout products for those who enjoy contemporary surroundings fused with tropical design in order to create long-lasting, luxury environments.

I am educated visual merchandiser working for multiple companies as an extended brand representative for Scandinavian High-End Brands. Given the location independent opportunity, I also bridge South East Asian products with my home market in the Nordics.

I love Islands and iconic designs and I travel the world to find inspiration to pursue my passion in combining these elements.

As for now, my family and I are based out of Bali, Indonesia, importing treasures to Norway.

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